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Re: C4 detection bug
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Default Re: C4 detection bug - 31-07-2008

Thx Storm, lol.
I was starting to think Kwo understood my message wrong.
Everybody makes mistakes

The bot was able to pick up the bomb in picture HalfLife08 cause there is a camp-waypoint in the corner where the bomb is located.
So the bot picked it up by achieving the goal-camp-waypoint, not achieving the bomb-pick-up.
If the place has no waypoint or waypoint-path, they fail to detect the bomb ( if it is not fully visible )
I'm sure of it they also can't when it comes to the slope floors.
You probably dropped the bomb by coincidence on a waypointed place.
Yeah I said 5 minutes roundtime but normally the bot would be able to pick up the bomb in about 10 sec after they come near to it.
Thx for testing.
p.s.: It is not necessary to drop the bomb in a corner like you did in your pictures. Even a straight wall is enough to let the bug appear.


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