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Default Fritz ET FAQ - READ ME FIRST! - 29-03-2006

Q. I think I found a bug/issue or Fritz doesn't work at all, what do I do?

A. Its very possible you've run into a Fritz problem, however before you post it here, consider the following:

1. Did you read the user's guide for ET HERE?

2. Did you search the FritzBot forums for possible solutions to your issue that was already discovered?

3. Did you check the main web page HERE?

4. Are you sure its not a ET related issue? If your new to ET, then reading the documentation provided with ET, or searching the web, is a better bet then asking us to walk you through the process to install and run ET. There are a lot of newbie friendly forums out there dedicated to helping people understand and run ET. MANY complaints about Fritz have actually been ET issues, and had nothing to do with Fritz Bot.

Then, after you've exhausted all of those avenues, please post your question. Keep in mind though that its helps everyone involved, and increases your chances of getting a quick response, if you keep the following rules in mind: HOW TO ASK QUESTIONS THE SMART WAY

Just telling us that Fritz doesn't work, then expecting help isn't as helpful as telling us WHAT you've done to get Fritz to (not) work, and what your setup is. Its very difficult to diagnose problems over the web, so help us help you by giving as much relevant information as possible.

Q. When/will you release a mac/linux/<insert OS name here> version so that I can play on my OS of choice?

A. I know theres quite a few of you that want a linux/mac version, and I'd love to do that for you, but its just not possible right now for several reasons:

1. I have no linux/mac experience. I've never used either before, or coded for them, so I wouldn't even know where to start. For macs its worse, because I'd actually have to buy a mac to compile for it (at least linux is free/very cheap). I hate Windoze as much as you do, but its what I know.

2. I have a full time job, school, and a busy personal life. I have to make a great effort to work on Fritz as it is - which is why it seems to take me forever to release. If I worked on a linux/mac version, it would mean I would have to stop work on Fritz for weeks, possibly longer (read: months).

3. Fritz is playable as a server side only mod, so if you can get a server with windows running, win, mac, and linux clients can all connect to it and play. Fritz ET will stay capable of being played server-side only.

If the time/money was there to support linux and macs, you can be sure that I'd be cranking out versions of Fritz ET for them too!

Q. Why don't you support Railgun?

A. The Railgun train isn't supported, nor will it ever be now that Fritz bot is final.

Q. I want to add files of my own to Fritz, but they don't show up! What do I do?!

A. MAKE SURE you have sv_pure set to 0! In the "advanced" tab of the server setup menu, its called "Pure Server". 99% of the problems with using files in ET is based on that single cvar. This isn't a Fritz requirement - its an ET one: the game itself won't read files that aren't in a .pk3 file, unless sv_pure is set to 0 (the default value is 1).

Q. I like some features of mod X, will you support it?

A. Let me know what it is, and I'll see about it.

There are a few things I won't support tho.

1. Features that bugger me (ingame banners/spam/popups/annoying sounds/anything that could be used to cheat/etc). I'm pretty flexible with these rules tho (EX: I don't like hitsounds personally, but I have no problem making them an optional feature for the ppl who do - and will actually do that next version).

2. Anything that breaks Fritz being able to be played as a server side only mod. Sometimes its hard to know what would break this rule, so just ask, and if its will be a problem, I'll let you know.

3. Features that are more suitable as mods in themselves, rather then small additions to ET. Fritz is a bot mod that plays a tweaked version of ET, not a Total Conversion mod that happens to have bots. I have time to code bots, or code general mod features, but not both sadly.

Q. Will you support map X?

A. Make a thread in the waypointing forum for it. If someone wants to path for it, they'll let you know. If its a fun and popular map, chances are it will be done sooner or later.

Q. I like mod X - can you combine it with Fritz?

A. No. Most mods are not open source, which means I have no way of accessing the source code (ETPro is a good example - I can't just DL the ETPro source and release a Fritz ETPro version), so I have no way of combining Fritz with these mods. Also - I just don't have the time. Working on the bots takes up all my time. And, I want to keep the game fairly close to vanilla ET play, and while I will add some features from other mods if they are asked for, I can't just combine mods, or re-create every mod out there. I can re-create some features, if they mesh with where I want Fritz to go, but not whole mods.

NOTE: If you can supply me with the source code to the feature you really want, or know of a mod that has the feature and is open source (and has no problem sharing), then the chances of seeing that feature in Fritz are MUCH improved.

I see it this way: I can make a bot that plays one game REALLY well, or a bot that plays a whole bunch of mods, but doesn't play any one of them very well. A jack of all trades is a master of none.

Q. I want to play now! But I don't have the custom maps, where do I find them??

A. The list for them is below (NOTE: this isn't the complete list yet).












Dum Spiro Spero

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