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Server does not start - Problem: Metamod
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Default Server does not start - Problem: Metamod - 03-01-2006

Hey guys,

I've been at this problem for about an hour. I posted this at AMX X forum as well. I searched the forum for the errors, none helped. My liblist.gam is as follows:

game "Counter-Strike" 
url_info "" 
url_dl "" 
version "1.6" 
size "184000000" 
svonly "0" 
secure "1" 
type "multiplayer_only" 
cldll "1"  
hlversion "1111" 
nomodels "1" 
nohimodel "1" 
mpentity "multiplayer_only" 
gamedll "addons\metamod\dlls\metamod.dll" 
trainmap "tr_1"
I'm running on Windows XP SP2. Now, my problem is everytime I try to load up my server it either has "host_error" or nothing. I get host_error when I try using the metamod-p26 dll. When I switch back to metamod1.18 dll, it says "Starting up dedicated server...." and then nothing happens. There is no console. I can click on the Dedicated Server as many times after it disappears meaning that it prolly shut off after it says "Starting up dedicated server...". Usually if I do that, it will restrict me to opening more than one server, but it doesn't.

Without metamod running, my server is fine. I've installed Amxx and metamod before, I don't know why I can't now. I'm pretty sure that the dll's are not corrupted because I got it from the host site.

Any help is appreciated.
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