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Default Get the latest version here! - 16-02-2004

IvPBot v1.1.2 (7 February 2005)
+ FIXED: No duplicated names while detailnames turned off
+ Bots will pick up defuse kit now
+ Bots dont avoid HE Grenades now when friendlyfire turned off
+ Using PM's Steam and non-Steam fix
+ Supported other CS versions that re-packed for Steam
+ Menu command changed from "podbotmenu" to "ivpbotmenu"
+ Fixed Windows installer bug


IvPBot WIP #1 (25 February 2004)
+ FIXED: New round doesn't detected in the latest version of CS 1.6 that cause the bots don't buy anythings
+ FIXED: Those Bots have m249 may have problem to choose their best weapon when camping/hearing enemy footsteps etc...)
+ ADDED: Waypoint menu, access via "waypoint menu" command
+ Bomb planting & defusing (this time is clean fix)
+ Editing waypoints in noclip mode can be turn off by type the "waypoint noclip" in console again
+ Tweaked Bot's zooming with sniper weapon

Download (Windows) (Linux)

Extract the ivpbot.dll/ to your ivpbot folder and replace the old one.

IvPBot - Improved version of Podbot

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