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Re: BotAim 2 announced. Best aiming ever.
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Default Re: BotAim 2 announced. Best aiming ever. - 04-01-2005

Yes, it is possible to keep it off, there are several means. One is to prevent the combined angle speed to go below a certain absolute value, the other is to introduce a vector offset that changes from time to time.

You can also do other interesting things, like for example induce a different spring stiffness for the horizontal movement and for the vertical one (since it is easier for a human to move the mouse horizontally than vertically). You can also have the damper evolve over time, according to the acceleration for example. And finally, you can also make the X movement influenced by the Y movement and vice versa, like what I did with BotAim, but you have much more control over it than what was possible before.

@Joe: this algorithm is not quite identical as yours in fact ; not only the maths are MUCH simpler (no exponential nor logarithmics), but in yours the acceleration gradually increases then decreases ; here as soon as a new ideal angle is set, the mouse is "pushed" towards it and then slowed down, it is not "accelerated". This provides the bot with very quick reaction times.

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