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Originally Posted by Asperoch View Post
I just tried the bot, and overall it's awesome! Bots were getting stuck sometimes, but it's still very promising.

It really feels like ZBOT navigationally; they were able to cut corners when navigating throughout an alley, instead of navigating strictly on the center part of the alley (because waypoints are usually placed in the center).

Thank you for developing this! Can't wait for the future version of the bot.
Glad you like it! Doesn't surprise me if the bots have a ZBOT feel to them, as ZBOT also uses navmesh for navigation. Recast uses its own method of generating the navmesh using a voxel grid, which may differ from ZBOT's implementation, but the end results will probably be fairly similar.

I ended up stripping out a lot of the extra navigation stuff I had written, as the overall benefit wasn't really that great, and the code had become messy from constant re-writes, so to make it easier for people to extend I decided to remove it and keep it clean and simple.

I did notice some odd quirks in the code where I had clearly been testing stuff out and not bothered with proper coding convention. I'd also like to tidy up the steering code so that the adjustments based on proximity to a wall are split into a separate function and so on.

I was just thinking about ways to better do bot vision. I want to, eventually, take into consideration things like alpha in a texture, so if an opponent is hiding behind a func_illusionary, it can tell the difference between a chain link fence and the curtains in 747, and will reduce the chances of the bot seeing someone if they are behind a bush (where most of them is obscured) vs if they are behind a chain link fence (where most of them is visible).

I tend to talk a lot, it's hell not having the time to implement your ideas
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