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Re: 1.1 and 2.0 Progress
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Default Re: 1.1 and 2.0 Progress - 23-12-2004

Some GrogBot 2.0 info

  • GBot 2.0 will most probably be a HL2 bot. Let's just hope that the server plugin interface will get a richer entity handling API soon.
  • It will be a multi-mod bot (PVK2, HL2DM...)
  • It may even become engine-independent, that would mean it could support a few HL1 mods too, for example. This is very questionable though.
  • I'm trying to make it much more realistic in movement and aiming than the old GrogBot was. The A* pathfinder allows some tactical pathfinding to be done. (The safest route for example)
This project will surely eat a lot of time and as I'm in the PVK2 team... Well, just don't expect any 2.0 releases soon.

And yes, there surely will be a parrot in PVK2. 8D

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