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Default Re: progress - 11-12-2017

Well I'm quite sure how to find my symlink for libstdc++, I did try this but don't seem to work and that file does exist in my Ubuntu 14.04:-
$ ls -l usr/lib32/
ls cannot access	usr/lib32/ No such file or directory
Using [readlink -f usr/lib32/] didn't reply or print anything with that command.

Also I cannot seem to recompile your latest beta build on both my Ubuntu 14.04 and my Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon Laptop:-

waypoint.cpp: In function 'bool WaypointLoad(edict_t*)':
waypoint.cpp:1573:71: error: 'static_assert' was not declared in this scope
           static_assert(sizeof(WAYPOINT) == 24, "WAYPOINT should be 24 bytes");

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