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Latest version: 0.32
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Default Latest version: 0.32 - 26-08-2005

0.32 Release

New/changed stuff:
Originally Posted by 0.31 --> 0.32 changelog
- Fixed: Servers with a password caused crashes
Download links:

0.31 Release

New/changed stuff:
Originally Posted by 0.3 --> 0.31 changelog
- Ported to cube 2005_08_29
- Source is included again
- Fixed: config.cfg didn't load
Download links:
Here or here

0.3 Release

Finally after a long while its here

Main new features
- Better COOP support(bots can finish a few maps by their own )
- Ported to latest cube release
- Waypoint flooding(automatic waypoint placement)
- Waypoint system/navigation that actually works
- DMSP can be tweaked, to create 'monster wars'
- Dedicated server support
- FreeBSD support
- Bot skills can be configured.

Download Link
Here or here

Full Changelog:
Originally Posted by 0.2 --> 0.3 changelog
- Ported to new cube version (2005)
- Code is more portable for cube mods: Mod specific cpp files, mod specific classes
- FreeBSD support
- New commands
- wpinfo
- wpclear
- setwptriggernr
- setwpyaw
- startflood
- addtriggerwps
- wpclear
- addnbot
- New cvars
- DMSP monster spawning can be controlled
- Bot skills can be modified by editing bot/bot_skills.cfg
- Bot specific config file: bot/bot.cfg
- No need to make a listenserver for being able to use bots
- Dedicated server support
- Bot skill argument for adding bots: 'default' will specifiy default skill, 'random' for a random skill
- Adding bots, kicking bots and changing the bot skill can be voted in multiplayer
- Bots will be re-added after a map change
- Better SP coop support(bots can finish some sp maps by their own )
- Bots remember previous locations of other players/bots, so they can hunt you.
- Bots will strafe while heading to waypoints, for more realistic movement
- Waypoint flooding(automatic waypoint placement on unwaypointed maps)
- Waypoints for these maps: cruel01, cruel02, kksp1, nsp2, wsg3
- New waypoint format: No limit for the amount of waypoints, gzipped
- New waypoint option: A yaw to where the bot should aim at when he reaches the waypoint.
- New waypoint option: Trigger number, so bots will try to trigger triggers('carrots') in a given order
- Improved: Waypointed and waypointless navigation
- Improved: Water navigation
- Improved: A* path finding
- Improved: Shooting rockets at your feet
- Improved: TraceLine function again
- Fixed: pathfinding crashes with multiple bots
- Fixed: Multiplayer support(Various network messages, death text messages)
- Fixed: Bots make fall and jump sounds
- Fixed: Pitch had a -45 to +45 degree instead of a normal -90 to +90 degree.

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