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Re: Bot adding problem
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Post Re: Bot adding problem - 14-09-2009

Again there will be a copy of the .bots file in one of the .pk3 files. But you can override that copy by;
1) create a new folder (any name), and within that folder create a sub-directory called configs
2) take your changed .bots file, put it in that same "configs" folder
3) In the folder you created in step 1, create a zip file, named like
4) Add the "configs" folder with your .bots file to the
5) Change the filetype to .pk3, I.e. rename the zip file to z_mapname.pk3
6) move your file z_mapnamef.pk3 to the \fritzbot directory
7) Start ET, FritzBot ET and then load your map (/map mapname)

FritzBot ET will use your copy of the .bots because it is newer and because .pk3 files are loaded by alphabetic order preference.

BTW if you are running a dedicated server you can set a cvar to not use a .bots file. Bots can then be added manually or by instructions in a cfg file.
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