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Taking a Pause
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Default Taking a Pause - 22-01-2006

Straight to the point.

I haven't been visiting the forums for weeks now. (2 or 3). I really can't tell when I can visit you again. I haven't coded anything games related for weeks too. The reason is that I've founded a firm with 2 relatives. A lot of things need to be done, and right now I have no time to spend at Bots United, no time at all, not even to continue my own projects

Right now I'm chasing several rabbits at once. I need to put things aside and focus on what makes me earn my living, else everything will go wrong.

I give up my role of president. It would be ridiculous for me to continue to hold such a title. Same thing for my council membership. You gotta find someone else to deal with the server, the site, the forum, the wiki and the bot authors. I'm sure several persons would be interested to take a more active role in our association.

I hope that during the time I was in post I haven't done too bad of a work. Anyway, things need to move on. I wish you good luck, guys. If all goes well perhaps around Eastern I will have some time to come back and finish my projects. I'm missing that.

PMB, signing off for some time.

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