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Re: Podbot Beta 3.0 Updates? ^^
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Default Re: Podbot Beta 3.0 Updates? ^^ - 03-06-2010

hey kwo good job.

  • waypointer / center restart mssgs do not collide anymore. Each info is shown one after another. Very ellegant
  • kWo finally is credited in pb top screen hud mssg

  • best of all: podbots are now mean nasty badasses with whom you better dont mess! Shoot at them a few times..and they turn towards you ..aiming at you watching your next move like "i gotch you boy! Make your next step!". Shoot again and hell will break lose. podbot will hunt you down like a dog. Even if he sees you later somewhere on the map he will shoot at you!

That's one of the best updates imo. The bots kinda have real AI and a (cool) personality which is very exciting imo. It's like with real players.

Additionally it helps managing the server: For years now players came to servers and just assassinated (team) bots because they were the weakest on server. I had to warn or kick them always. Now the bots will take care of this problem by themselves. The player who TKs bots for fun will regret having done so. The bots will make sure the player understands they don't like to be TKed!

real good job KWo
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