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Re: jk_botti v1.42 release!
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Default Re: jk_botti v1.42 release! - 19-11-2012

Originally Posted by genmac View Post
You need to move around the map a lot and let the round ends so the
waypoints gets saved much better.

Maps that are so complicated and has lots of narrow sections really needs good waypoints and jk_botti can't navigate this maps smooth enough they do just jump around back and forth but the great PARABOT can.
Yeah I installed my hl won copy just to play with it again and boy
this bot is good too bad it really wont work on hl steam. Yet jk_botti is bad ass on close engagements/combat really human like reaction almost as good as Jumbot.
Are you sure this bot crash on current hl steam? i use it on steam and it works fine. Play on official map only, not tested on custom maps.
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