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Re: Reporting of Bugs and Errors for E[POD]bot
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Warning Re: Reporting of Bugs and Errors for E[POD]bot - 22-12-2006

Okay, I encountered a couple of bots with the current version of EPB (v.5.3). I tried them both with CS 1.5 and 1.6.
  • (CS 1.5 only) with autofill there will be added 1 bot less than it should, there will be a number of bots, which is not odd, but it should, because the team where the (human) player isn't in should have 1 bot more.
    For example: You set maxplayers to 14 on a map and join the CT team. Then there will be 6 CT-Bots and 6 T-Bots. But there should be 7 T-Bots.
    This bug was also in EPB v.5.2.
  • (CS 1.5 only) sometimes the game crashes at the start of a new round. HL/CS freezes completely and can only closed by the Task-Manager. This does not happen too often, but it's still annoying. I think, if it happens, then in one of the first few rounds, if you already played, say, 5 rounds or more and it still did not crash, it's unlikely, that it will crash later.
    The crash happens in the moment of your respawn. Strangely sometimes you seem to respawn at a different place (perhaps (0,0,0) ?) before/when this crash happens.
    This bug was also in EPB v.5.2.
  • The bots often walk very slowly. This alone is no bug, because you could say, they're just careful... But when they do, they also shoot very slowly and if they jump, it looks very weird, as they even jump more slowly (especially fall down slower than usual). It appears as if they are in "slow-motion" completely.
    This bug was not in EPB v.5.2 and it appears on both CS 1.5 and CS 1.6. However, it happens on CS 1.5 much more often than in 1.6. (To compare: Out of 10 bots will 7 be in "slow-motion" on 1.5, on 1.6 only 2. That's just average and one bot can be in slow-motion in one moment and normal in another and vice versa).
  • The new BotAim2 seems to need some tweaks, as it looks nice in First-Person Spectator Mode, but the Bots appear quite weak compared to 5.2. They often do longer bursts without compensating, so their shoots are too high.
    Perhaps is not a real bug, but in ver. 5.2 the bots were much stronger. It's said it's "best aiming ever" but that's obviously not true. However, if you spectate them in First-Person it's just amazing, how nice it looks, how human and smooth they aim.
  • (CS 1.5 only (?)) When I installed some custom sprites (a zoom-in crosshair for Aug/Sig), the bots stopped buying weapons (but still bought grenades), so they only fight with pistols and grenades. However, if I died, they picked up my weapon and used it.
    This bug was also in version 5.2. I do not know, if it also appears on CS 1.6, because I did not try to install custom sprites there yet.
    It appears like a miracle to me, how installing another crosshair and the behaviour of the bots could be related, but obviously somehow it affects the bots.
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