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Trouble starting HPB_bot 4
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Default Trouble starting HPB_bot 4 - 18-11-2004

Hi everyone, this is my first bot(ched ) attempt so have mercy plz 9_9

I am trying to write a bot for the rival species mod. (An older non steam version, which I will later hopefully port to steam)

So far I have managed to:

1. Extract source code and build HPB_bot project using M$ Visual C++ v.6 (yay)

2. I have updated the linkfunc.cpp file with the new entity functions

3. The h_export.cpp file has been updated with the new mod path info.

4. The bot.h file has also been updated with a new #define RIVALSPECIES_DLL 6

5. The project was build successfully.

6. Moved HPB_Bot.dll to rspecies/dlls

7. Edited liblist.gam file (gamedll "dlls/HPB_bot.dll)"

As you can see I followed the Readme/tutorial which came with HPB_Bot.

Now the fun starts

When I try to load the mod I get an exception. (Looks like a null pointer exception : application tried to reference something near zero)

I can't seem to get the debugger going (even with the dedicated server as suggested in another post [hlds tried to execute privileged instuction])

As far as I can tell none of the code I have added has executed so I believe I have either set up msvc incorrectly or I am missing some step.

Does anyone have any ideas?
Thx in advance

(I code better than I spell ... I hope )
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