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Council Member replacement
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Default Council Member replacement - 16-12-2009


Since I'll move away next month from the place where I'm currently living to another place where I won't have Internet access, it would be pointless for me to still hold the position of council membership as it would be several months before I can visit again. Also, I can't really say I made any huge contributions in the past, neither am I really the best at administration, and there are more active bot developers here (Cheeseh & KWo), I guess it would be suitable for me to resign.

for the time being I'm still able to check every day and maybe help with the homepage as well. However I need to put this a little early so that I can vote on the poll, and things tend to be a little slow here

I'll try to PM Cheeseh and KWo to see if any of them is willing to apply, and feel free to reply if anyone would like to nominate yourself or someone else.

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