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Problem with Gravebot DLLs
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Default Problem with Gravebot DLLs - 03-01-2005

Hey Caleb. Great work on the Grave Bot, it's nice that Science & Industry finally has a working bot. However, it seems to have caused me a problem with every other mod I've got for Half-Life. o_O

For some reason, now, every HL mod tries to load the Grave Bot dlls regardless of whether it's specified in the liblist.gam file or not. This causes two errors in the console when trying to create a game: (where F:\ is my hard drive and username is my Steam account name, and mod is the name of the mod I'm trying to use. This occurs in ALL my mods.)

1) LoadLibrary failed on F:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\steamapps\username\half-life\mod\dlls\grave_bot.dll

2) Host_Error: Couldn't get DLL API from... and that same path. :/

Of course, putting the Grave Bot DLL in there fixes the error messages, but HL crashes trying to start a game. I tried deleting the Settings.scr file, which lets the games start to load, but it just hangs after saying "Starting local game server". Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks if you can help.
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