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Re: JK-Botti 1.44-beta Src Code Unofficial WIP
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Default Re: JK-Botti 1.44-beta Src Code Unofficial WIP - 17-09-2016

Well so far I've made some tweaks and added a bit more DMC support but I had to exclude some #define for the HLDM and Op4 declarations as the compiler cannot cope using too many initializers in bot_weapons.h. I've added in waypoints.cpp/h and engine.cpp for 4 of the DMC runes and 3 types of armour, as well added the DMC weapons and ammo in bot_weapons.

The bots do work well but they appear to only use the single-barreled shotgun mainly and they don't learn how to evade the lava pit to avoid suicide.

And as for the Makefile it appears the main /metamod folder in jk_botti src folder contains the Metamod SDK with the older Meta Interface 5:7 so I had to use Metamod-P37 src code to allow JKB to support.

I've recompiled JKB as v1.44 for you guys to maybe try out. I know the src code is kinda messed up and I didn't had time to neaten it up, but I had to test some ideas for JKB to work on DMC for practical experimental purposes.
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