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Two problem of a WolfMP map's :)
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Default Two problem of a WolfMP map's :) - 22-09-2009

Hello!*** I like play with fritzbot! It is Best bots for Wolf&ET! Thanks to Maleficus and other developers, waypointers

I have two problem:
1. Why i can't load such maps as "et_assault_beta4.pk3" or "bulge_beta1"? The maploading is failed and i see the message like "Hunk_Alloc failed on 656064..."! If i do something wrong? I have a 2.60b version of Enemy Territory...

2. I love four WolfMP's maps:
bramburg dam
...And I would like play on this map in ET. But i can't find a navigation file for map et_dam! Why? It is so hardly for Fritzbot? I don't think so.

I will be a happy man if you help me, friends!

***Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Russia...
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