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Entmod/BspEdit v1.7
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Default Entmod/BspEdit v1.7 - 25-01-2008

So, I tried to find a way to make an object's origin-angle face a certain direction on maploading so that when I make it a turret, it shoots from the right position and doesnt shoot from some unlogic place.

Now I tried using BspEdit v1.7 for this, by changing the angles like this:

"model" "*181"
"origin" "854 -747 35"
"rendercolor" "0 255 0"
"angles" "0 90 0"
"classname" "func_wall"
Now the problem is, nothing happens. When I start the game the object I want to be changed just sits there like an object that doesnt want to be changed ..
I'd like some help or something on how to make this work, or if there are other alternatives to using BspEdit for this.
Oh and I already contacted Austin and he suggested doing
"angle" "90" but that also didn't work.

If you need any more information to accurately help me just say so.
Thanks in advance,
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