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Default Re: Sandbot v0.4 - 11-03-2017

Originally Posted by Persephone View Post
So, now is supported with metamod?

Great, but I forgot one thing. Is possible to edit BOT names? Most people probably think if this is meaningless, but for me, it's important.

Can you help me?
Yes there is now MetaMod support.

It's not possible to edit bot names - the framework supports it I think but I removed the ability because I didn't want to maintain the file reading code around it. I guess I could add support back but I'll need to tidy up the spawning code first.
I'll also take a look at the crash in Opposing Force CTF too.

Originally Posted by lokkdokk View Post
DoD bots have a fast speed. Please fix it.
Yes I know - I think I might know what the issue is so hopefully I'll have it fixed in the next version.
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