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Botmixer5000 was ok back then when I was still young and tinkering the hpb_bot variants. I used to make "cockfight" matches out of these bots before. But the easiest way until now with podbot_mm, yapb, sypb and regame_cs (reversed engineered csbot).... is to do it manually using metamod.

For me, I compiled everything (metamod/bot ai) as I'm used to test chess ai engines for computerchess tournament ratinglist (c/o CCRL) - a thing of the past.

The requirements used for 3 bot AI test inside a game map match:

1. metamod - 1.20-am, 1.2.1-am, 1.21p37, 1.21p38, 1.21p39

2. Bot AI: using the active developments only

yapb4.x - latest
podbot_mm3.x - latest
sypb1.48 - 1.50 latest


For metamod, make sure you know how to enable and disable using the ";" symbol in the plugins.ini.


1. enabling yapb and podbot_mm only

win32 addons/yapb/bin/yapb.dll        
win32 addons/podbot/podbot_mm.dll       

;win32 addons/sypb/dlls/sypb.dll
2. changing bind keys for podbot_mm and yapb menu in your CS config.cfg (as well as respective bot AI cfg folders to be sure).

 // Binds "=" key to open bot's main menu //   

bind "=" "yb menu"
 # The line below binds the User Menu to the "=" key. Of course you  

# can bind this to any key you like.     
bind "-" "pb menu"
For regame_cs, be sure "mp.dll" is set correctly in the liblist.gam. You can rename the dll too!

gamedll "dlls\mp.dll"     
gamedll "addons\metamod\dlls\metamod.dll"
All infos are here to get it right for csbot enabler and regame_cs;
Bind key for regame_cs is "H" in config.cfg (via commandmenu setting) or just use bot command.

Start a game map and use the bind keys to control your bot settings in their respective menus, or use the bot commands in console.

I'm using this as client only for offline testing, but it also works with hlds.

Note: When I do matches with maximum "difficulty" on regame_cs, "elite - expert" template settings have the same (max) parameters in the botprofile.db - fixed to the max! Leaving it by default will vary from expert to elite skill.

(I used/tested handtuned waypoints for my tests for all bots. From my last account, I tested 100 games for TR-CT, then swapped for another 100 games as CT-TR for each. I used fy, de, cs maps for variety of results.)
YAPB - 1st (always overall champion)

SYPB - 2nd (always in 2nd place!)

PODBOT_MM - 3rd (slightly better than Regame_CS) as of last year.

REGAME_CS - 4th (much improved than CSBOT and the older Zbot in skill)...but much enjoyed by many in all maps, and much easier to use! They behave/move much better than Podbot_mm, more human-like when I tried again the latest a few days ago. This is a very active development almost every month this year 2020, same as yapb.

(BTW, Realbot works too with them, but needs more preparation to even up with the better AIs.))


The max bots I tried and worked was 4 AIs at the same time on mixed play, but 2 is enough. I hoped this helped some curious newbies out there.
Good Luck!
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