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about Sandbot
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Default about Sandbot - 20-07-2016

Sandbot is a currently work-in-progress bot for Half-Life engine games. It aims to support Half-Life, Opposing Force, Counter-Strike (1.6), Day of Defeat (1.3), Team Fortress Classic (1.5), Gunman Chronicles, Natural Selection (3.2), They Hunger and The Ship. See the Description: section at for what it currently supports right now. Under the hood it actually supports a bit more but it's not that usable.
There is also interest in supporting beta versions of Day of Defeat but this likely won't come until support for other things is sufficiently advanced.

Sandbot is based off botman's HPB Bot and is also open source. Source code is available at
Feel free to compile and play the latest commit but the latest commit isn't always tested so it may be broken.

You can find the latest version at as well as here

Sandbot also has a site at

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