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Re: Be Server Admin for FritzBot.
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Default Re: Be Server Admin for FritzBot. - 02-02-2009

I suspect you could put rcon commands inside the config file on the client that would run a config file containing the fritzbot commands on the server. The only point to that would be to not have to remember how to do a rcon command or the password.

There are other server controls available you could try like Rcon Unlimited, RconIt and ET server watch. I am not the best person to ask as the only server testing I have done is with 2 PCs side by side so I have not tried out remote server control much. Maybe Nedd3h has some experience he could relate.

The web page of the developers of Rcon Unlimited and of RconIt seem taken over or expired. The RconIT manual is here (thanks to mapper Marko of MLB fame).

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