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Re: darji2 waypoints
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Default Re: darji2 waypoints - 24-04-2008

Oops my bad skip the noderesetFlags stuff (the flags are steals not checkflags). That will save another 24 keywords. And yes you can skip the node_connects. In fact you can set the action_closenode to the node outside the barriers.

action 1 // Action 1 is the 1st flag the allies going to get from the axis - assume steal operation
    if_obj_home_true 1
        activateAction 1 //prevent the bug

    if_obj_home_false 1 // Check if taken
        activateAction 30 // Say axis needs to move forward

    if_obj_home_false 1
        deactivateAction 10  //axis deliver blocked

    if_obj_home_false 1
         activateAction X  //axis fake deliver -optional

    if_obj_home_true 1 OR if_obj_captured 1
        activateAction 10  //axis deliver not blocked

    if_obj_home_true 1 OR if_obj_captured 1
        deactivateAction X  //axis fake deliver not needed -optional

action 36 //fake func_explode for when barrier gone after last flag captured
         //node_connect 410 496 true  -done in editor instead
         activateAction 2 //next flag is now available

         //the deactivate or kill of steals is really JIC since when captured the type goes to -1 no action.  
         //It can probably be skipped to save total keywords.  But if you use roams these deactivates are needed.
         deactivateAction 1 //or use kill_action 1 jic
So 12*14 + 2*12 + 12*1 = 168 + 24 + 12 = 204 in 26 action tests including fake delivers. Well within the limits on the keyword fix beta and 6 action tests blocks still available for CP etc..

Yes you could use a fake entity to trigger whenever something happened to any flag but I don't think it is worth the trouble. You should be able to do this map minimally without the extra fuss of func_explodes now. 12*16 + 2*12 = 216 keywords in 14 action tests is possible.

The leak is a guess since I don't see how this map could go to 69 on the goaltracker. I run with com_hunkMegs 128 on 1GB of ram and don't see your symptoms.

Upate: missed seeing your barrier toi fake constructs. That makes it simpler since the deliver / fake deliver logic can go there. I am testing that out right now. Things are going ok but I just hit an issue. With both teams carrying flags a fake deliver means a predictable location for the carrier waiting to deliver and no fake deliver may slow down the match since the bots are anywhere on the map.
BTW minehunts don't go on mineplants. Minehunts should only be needed if you want a covert op to search a distant area that the covert op won't be passing through. A minehunt is like a camp, you give it an aim action. Look at my v1rocket near the initial allied spawn, the covert op may search the area beyond the bridge regardless of whether the bridge is built.

If tests go ok I'll attach the files tomorrow or sooner.

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