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Re: intel_center waypoints
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Default Re: intel_center waypoints - 20-04-2008

Hi Tom, basically I could not use the existing func_explosives. I know the entity numbers were correct and all they do in the aiscript will connect the nodes to the radio room. So I saw the nodes connecting sometimes but not always, really weird had to do with the gameplay. So I was forced to add the extra func_explosives and those work just fine.

In the .script the difference was that the ones I added are using the alertentity as documented in wiki in the tank splines. The original func_explosives are those that suppose to be called when the tank approaches the radio room. I also saw once the nodes would be double connected (when I tried to utilize the originals). I am almost certain that something is going on with the .script rather than anything else but with the additional ones seems to be good.

I doubled checked that all entities were func_explosive not tois.

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