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Version 6.02.01 for Linux and Windows
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Default Version 6.02.01 for Linux and Windows - 04-01-2006

Version 6.02.01 for Windows and Linux

Release notes:
  • The main manual has been updated to include all of the new commands and CVARS.

  • m_enforceclanteam has been modified as follows:

    m_enforceclanteam [ <ct|te> | <relaxed|strict> | <auto|manual> | off ]
    default minimum access level: clan member

    Default settings: off, strict, auto

    Usage 1:
    m_enforceclanteam [ te | ct ]
    Non clan members who are on the designated clan team, and clan members
    who are not on the designated clan team, will get blown up automatically
    at start of each round. A private message will be displayed telling
    the person they are on the wrong team and how to switch teams.

    Usage 2:
    m_enforceclanteam [ relaxed | strict ]
    When set to relaxed, allows clan members to join any team.

    Usage 3:
    m_enforceclanteam [ auto | manual ]
    By default, after all clan members leave the game, the enforcement is
    automatically turned off. This is done to allow the server to automatically
    resume normally after all of your clan members leave, otherwise the server
    will be unplayable.

    When set to "manual", the clan enforcement will not automatically turn off.

  • Added CVAR m_kickspecbots [on|off]
    When set to "on" the server will kick spectating bots as part of the
    bot balancing feature.

    default: off (disabled)

  • Added CVAR m_autobalanceinterval [1 .. 600] (seconds)

    default: 90 seconds

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