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Originally Posted by RoboCop View Post
Well I wasn't sure if adding MMX and SSE were necessary as well as adding too many opt flags as well as using -O3 could cause some adverse effects as well increase the build size. As for using like -march=pentium4 or higher may not be compatible with the old GoldSrc engine as it was released since 1997/1998 and maybe pushed to it's limit. Also some older compilers like GCC 4.8 appear to recompile those builds in a smaller size but won't have the latest C++14 nor C++17 standard features - if I am not mistaken.
Yeah The Storm is right - it doesn't matter what the engine uses. Not sure how much of the instruction set extensions this sort of code would use though, or whether optimising for size or speed is better.

Originally Posted by The Storm View Post
@tschumann It's a bit tricky for GCC but not hard. Locate the 32bit version of libstdc++.a file on your system and copy it on the same location where your Makefile is, then add -L. to the linker flags. Thats all.
Ah makes sense - thanks! When I went searching last year I really couldn't find any useful information.
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