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Default Re: progress - 01-06-2019

@tschumann It's a bit tricky for GCC but not hard. Locate the 32bit version of libstdc++.a file on your system and copy it on the same location where your Makefile is, then add -L. to the linker flags. Thats all.

@RoboCop You've got it wrong about optimization flags. It does not matter if the engine is compiled with or without these flags, the only thing that matters is if the target CPU supports them. MMX and SSE are pretty common in modern CPUs and even in CPUs that are 10 years old. Of-course one should be careful with the newer revisions of these instructions such as SSE3 and SSE4.x as these are not available on the 10 years old CPUs.

Also -03 may increase the build size but it optimize much more on performance which is good. Modern HDDs are not 20MB so the size does not matter that much. However -03 is not recommended for legacy code base until all warnings that the compiler outputs on the highest warning level are not fixed(this does NOT include 3rd party static analyzers). That's because -03 is much more aggressive(but conforming) to optimizations and many bugs that are caused by code that is somewhat in the category undefined behavior(like signed integer overflow for example) will pop up.
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