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pb_restrweapons not working correctly
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Default pb_restrweapons not working correctly - 28-07-2013

Hi, Iīm having problems restricting shields on bots.Since the itīs specific map type server (AWP) thereīs no point bots using shields and other weapons, so I did it this way:
created a prefix_awp.cfg file in:cstrike/addons/amxmodx/configs/maps/prefix_awp.cfg

In that prefix_awp.cfg file Iīve:
pb_restrweapons "0110111111111111111101111"

From my understanding bots should be able to have Knife, deagle and Awp, all the other should be Restrict but thatīs no happening, bots still appear with shield.Do i need to do something more?Pls help.
Thank you.
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