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Release 0.2
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Default Release 0.2 - 12-01-2005

New version(0.2) is now done
Didn't finished waypoint navigation and waypoint flooding though.

Download links: here

    - Added bot skills: Best, Good, Medium, Worse and Bad
     - New bot commands:
     	- Serverside:
     		- more options for addbot(has now team, skill and name)
     		- idlebots command
     		- kickbot
     		- kickallbots
     		- botskill
     		- botskillall
     	- Clientside
     		- togglegrap
     		- togglebotview
     - New bot menu: Bot skill menu
     - Waypoint support(yet no good docs and waypoints for maps....)
     - Higher skilled bots will,
     	- Shoot at your feet with a rocketlauncher,
     	- Search for ammo when in combat,
     	- Circlestrafe and
     	- Predict your position
     - Bots will stay in a certain range from their enemy depending on their weapon
     - Bots will randomly jump to avoid bullets/rockets
     - Bots can now hear
     - Bots have now a FOV(Field Of View)
     - Bots will try to avoid water
     - When bots are in water they will try to get out
     - More realistc aiming: Aim speed, skill based, fps dependend, aim offsets
     - More advanced weapon selection(based on distance and available ammo)
     - LOTS of new bots names(thanks to the people at Bots-United!)
     - Botmenu is now in main menu and has more options
     - In DMSP mode, when you add a bot extra monsters will be add aswell(50% of what you
       usually get when start a map).
     - Maps aren't reset in SP mode aswell when there are bots ingame.
     - In SP mode bots are blue, so you won't shoot your mates :-)
     - Fixed: bot teams
     - Fixed: death messages
     - Fixed: bots can't miss
     - Fixed: ATI gfx card problems on linux(thanks arghvark!)
     - Fixed/Optimized: TraceLine function(mainly used for testing visibility)
     - Removed: Bot pauses

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