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Re: v3B22 Crouch or Stand bug? bot.cpp:6860
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Default Re: v3B22 Crouch or Stand bug? bot.cpp:6860 - 03-04-2014

Originally Posted by KWo View Post
You have to know I'm only the currently maintaning the code (not the original author of the whole code). I have checked and that line was like that there also in the original sources I've got. So the question should be directed to the original author why did he want to limit waypoint to crouch at cover position only to those with radii less than 32? Maybe because such waypoints have really radii 16 or 0 (You can't place waypoint with radius 31) - so that means these waypoints have a better chance to be more close to some obstacle, wall and so on, so they are more predestinated to be cover waypoints. This is how I understand it - thus I don't see the problem there in the code.
Interesting thoughts KWo, Thank you. I think I am going to change it so that "auto crouching " is just not done on my servers. The chief problem being the bots crouching and blocking small (radius = 32) hallways and vents. Further, this change will just limit bots to pre-defined crouch points.
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