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Re: Sandbot v0.4.2 released
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Default Re: Sandbot v0.4.2 released - 26-04-2018

Originally Posted by Persephone View Post
I've already tested it. Well, this is my review :

I love the idea when they're carrying a flag, they just ignore any opponents and keep moving. However, I found some errors

1. Unlike previous version which Sandbot (along with HPB_BOT) plays so aggresive to capture enemy's flag. In this version, they are more to defensive playing style rather than offensive. Sometimes they could take a flag and even capturing it, but it's very rare.

2. I don't know if my waypoints was full of error or not, but in this version, they sometimes got stuck in the wall and looks like "confused" to find a right path. Same with above, in op4ctf_omen, after they respawn and entering a middle part of the map, they just move back to the flag in their own base instead of enemy base. (In previous version, they didn't have this problem)

3. Look at this screenshot. Perhaps you think if they are trying to kill their enemies. If so, no problem right? Yes, as long if both of them are members from different team. But this? Believe it or not, they are FRIENDS ON THE SAME TEAM (Black Mesa). But why they're hit each other? And why the man on the right side is a member from Black Mesa but using a model from Opposing Force team? This will make me so confused to fire at right opponent because I couldn't figure if they are my friend or not.

Well, I appreciate your job to making this BOT. But I think they need some improvement again
Yeah the flag capturing still isn't perfect but I tried to get it to a point where the bots could at least get the enemy flag (actually getting a point is rare I agree but currently bots can't work out whether to prioritise a flag or an enemy).
I'm not sure why the bot would go back to their own base - taking a look at the code I can see that they'll only go back their own base if they have the flag.
Not sure what's going on with bots attacking each other there - I get the bot team from attributes set by the game .dll, though it could be that there was a spectator in that exact location that they were both attacking (known bug that bots will try and attack spectators - still haven't worked that one out yet).
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