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Re: pb menu doesn't work
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Warning Re: pb menu doesn't work - 10-03-2007

ive the same problem!

Dedicated Server
Podbot MM V3 B18
podbot.cfg in hlds/cstrike/addons/podbot
# Set the password to have access to podbot menu on DS by 'pb menu' 
# console command typed in client's admin PC or called from the binded key.
# Example of bind on Your client PC:
# bind "=" "pb menu"
pb_password "my_pw"
exec.cfg in C:/Steam/...../cstrike (exec exec.cfg in config.cfg! so exec.cfg is loaded on start)
// PodBot Menu
setinfo _pbadminpw "my_pw"
bind "o" "pb menu"
still dont work

in hlsw too

rcon_password "rcon_pw"
rcon pb_password "my_pw"
rcon pb menu
menu is not available commando. Type pb help to see more info.
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