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Re: HELP: Need to know how to install metamod
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Default Re: HELP: Need to know how to install metamod - 07-10-2004

I'm having problems with podbot loading on my server too. I downloaded a package off a post by "jost" on steam users forum that included podbot, metamod, and a headshot trainer mod. I extracted all three to steamapps counterstrike cstrike addons just like it said. It came with a dozen or so wpf files for various maps and theyre all right there in the bodpot directory. However, when my server starts it says unable to load podbot cfg plus wpf files and says "no waypoints for this map, cant create bot" when I type addbot in my console. Addmin mod is running (i downloaded that cause it automatically installs metamod for you) and it shows the two plugins when I type meta list (stats and podbot). Anyway, why wont it load the waypoint files and everything I need to get going. It apppears everything is in the right directory, but I could be wrong, I'm brand new to this.
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