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Re: Suggestion for CSDM 2.1.3d by KWo
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Default Re: Suggestion for CSDM 2.1.3d by KWo - 13-01-2017

I couldn't edit my post anymore.

Just a small idea that popped up after my first post about the [botequip].

Maybe it's better to add 2 new cvars ( correct word? ).
botequipforce = 0|1
0 is no force; bot can choose between all choices ( the way it is now )
1 is force; bot gets forced to use specific choice specified in:
botequipchoice = 1|2|(3)
1 for option 1 from equip menu
2 for option 2 from equip menu
( 3 for option 3 from equip menu ) if you would implement my suggestion from original post.
So botequipchoice only works if botequipforce is 1.

Again thanks in advance, Sc0rp.

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