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SturmBot Version 1.9 Unofficial Update
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Smile SturmBot Version 1.9 Unofficial Update - 05-09-2014


Here's a new version (1.9) ->

From my readme:

The SturmBot v1.7 AI bot addon for Day of Defeat suffers from a problem that causes any bots that are of the Stosstruppe Axis team class (bots with a K43 rifle) to hardly ever attack.

I have previously hosted quite a few games were all of my buddies that were on the Axis team noticed this problem, saying "I've got a SturmBot here who has 0 kills and 20 deaths!"... but I simply chalked that up to "luck" (or lack thereof), and was glad that SturmBot wasn't on MY team LOL!

Recently I've performed a few tests on my own that confirm this problem with the "Stosstruppe" axis team class SturmBots. Any bots that are of this class (or have a K43 rifle for their weapon) will only occasionally use grenades, or occasionally attack with a few rifle head-butts or their pistols. But other than that, they will NEVER fire their K43 rifles.

Also, there is a problem with ALL versions of SturmBot that prevents any Scharfschütze Axis team class bots (bots with a K98 sniper rifle) from spawning on any Axis Paratrooper maps. The "cls_k98s" entry in the "Sturm_Bot.dll" file was inadvertently named "cls_sniper", and is directly responsible for this problem.

Lastly, there are several debug messages that were included in the debug build of SturmBot that were inadvertently left enabled in the final release build of SturmBot v1.7. These debug messages are displayed as text-chat messages by the SturmBots that have picked up a bazooka on maps that include SturmBot "bazooka target" waypoints.

The specific debug messages are:

I have better things to do!, Like !!
Opening fire!
Shouldering bazooka!!!
Too close
Correct wpn selected!
Correct weapon NOT selected!!
selecting wpn.

The hex-edited "Sturm_Bot.dll" file included in this archive fixes all of the problems mentioned above. Please note that I have changed the SturmBot version number to "1.9" to prevent any confusion with the official version 1.7 release of SturmBot.
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