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POLL: Should Fritz support Objective mode too?
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Default POLL: Should Fritz support Objective mode too? - 24-09-2004

Well, Fritz supports Capture Point fairly well. There is still much to do to further my goal of having Fritz give you the same experience you would get on your average pub server with humans (except without all the cheating, whining, n00bness, etc ), but many ppl have expressed a desire to have Fritz play Obj mode.

I'd like to see it myself, but I want to start off small - maybe just support MP_BEACH to start off with, and see where things go from there.

So, I ask you - would you like Fritz to start supporting Obj mode (starting only with BEACH to start, while still supporting Capture too), or should Fritz stay Capture only?


NOTE: this ISN'T a promise - just a poll to see where people would like Fritz to go, please keep that in mind.

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