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hbp bot 4.0 confusion with metamod install
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Default hbp bot 4.0 confusion with metamod install - 01-04-2013

Trying to get hpb bot 4.0 to work with frontlineforce 18b
currentfolder setup:
folder setup frontline/addons/metamod/dlls/ hpb_bot_mm.dll
current plugin ini setup:
win32 addons/metamod/dlls/hpb_bot_mm.dll
current liblist setup:

// Front Line Force
version "v1.8b"
game "Front Line Force v1.8b"
url_info ""
url_dl ""
size "190000000"
svonly "0"
cldll "1"
hlversion "1112"
type "multiplayer_only"
nomodels "1"
mpentity "info_frontline"
gamedll "addons/metamod/dlls/hpb_bot_mm.dll"
gamedll_linux "dlls/"

can somebody please help with correcting my mistakes this stuff is driving me insane to get working.
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