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Default Re: Insurgency mod. - 18-05-2010

Holy crap! It's been forever since I posted here!

but anyways...
I got into INS a while back, noticed their bots, which are basicly the base bot included in the hl2sdk I believe. They generate .nav's for maps and run arround just fine. I even "hacked" them into "freezing" inside an objective area so they will cap them using a sourcemod plugin I made, however...
Almost every attempt to make these bastards shoot has failed! They have very few cvars, but notably "bot_disallowshoot" seems to have no effect. They only way I've been able to get them to shoot is by using "bot_mimic 2"
Other than that, using sourcemod, I got them to blow themselves up when they're close enough to an enemy! :-p About as much use as I could get out of them...

After a break, I came back here to see if anyone had made any progress on 3rd party bots for the source engine. I see valve havn't been very cooperative... :-(
Anyways, I tried RCBot2 and got an error "The Procedure entry point: ThreadWaitForObjects could not be located in the dynamic link library tier0.dll" I dunno, maybe it's not compatible with INS mod, or maybe Im doing it wrong...
I saw a rare mention of Hurricane Bot which I was actually able to get to load and add bots, but they wouldn't join a team, they'd just sit there in team "Unassigned" So once again, I turned to sourcemod and created a plugin to force the bots to join a team! I guess the problem was they didn't know how to join a squad in this mod. So I got them to spawn but there's a problem with the waypointing... Probably because they're designed for HL2DM. The site for Hurricane is down and their new site only seems to have the download link for the .zip file, that's it. If they see me (an enemy) they will shoot and chase me, but as soon as they lose line of sight they just stop and stand still... I guess it's an automated process and there's nothing I can do to fix the waypoints for the bot.

So it would be nice to get RCBot2 support for this mod, even if they just run and shoot, cuz I can use my sm plugin to make them cap points. Im not sure exactly which engine INS is built on, preety sure ep1. I know it's not orangebox, it's in the plans for them to move to orangebox, but who knows when that will happen. If RCBot2 is only for OB, I guess that might not work. If anyone has any other suggestions on how I can fix Hurricane's waypoints, or another bot that might work... I'm all ears!

Thanks in advance,
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