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Originally Posted by person135 View Post
hey MarD, can you make me the following waypoints?

cs_bloodstrike (please add some jumps on the ledges and camps)
de_herrenberg (get map from
he_snow (please make all the ladders usable and the ice bridge usable, get map from

link to 1337 assault:
Ok! done:

Originally Posted by MarD's Readme For EPB Waypoints Request Pack 4 (person135).txt

I made these waypoints for the fun of it all. Now remember, these levels weren't designed for bot usage in mind.

This map was a request from the E[POD]bot forums by person135.

he_snow -- bots don't toss nades much (using E[POD]Bot v5.2 on waypoint creation time), but do fight up a good knifing storm once they group, lol. They also use the ladders, but for the ice bridges bots break those on sight, so I set them up to use the ladders and underpassage way. They also know how to climb the outer rim of the map but don't usually do so cause they're too busy knife fighting!

Mappack Revision 1.0

Just extract it into your "$moddir\cstrike\epodbot\wptepb" folder and pwn.

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