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Originally Posted by DaSilva View Post
Thank you!
You're Welcome.

k CT Ken.. so I don't own Condition-Zero....

So I bought it so I could do de_coldshell_cz

from "MarD's Readme For EPB Waypoints Request Pack 3 (CT Ken).txt"

I made these waypoints for the fun of it all. Now remember, these levels weren't designed for bot usage in mind.

This map was a request from the E[POD]bot forums by CT Ken.

I didn't own Codition-Zero, so I bought it so I could do up the CZ map that CT Ken requested, and so it's included in this pack.

Mappack Revision 1.0

Just extract it into your "$moddir\cstrike\epodbot\wptepb" folder and pwn.

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