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Default Re: UBotScript? - 04-06-2004

it already happened once, it happened twice, and it's happening yet once again: we're talking about exactly the same thing but I'm too dumb to understand what you say
I believe what got me into the wall is that I couldn't find the "action" part, even a basic one, coded anywhere... well I suppose that just fits right, then

Okay. I like what you did and the way you did it. It's just that this XML is argh, well, crap, I've said it already and you must be tired to hear it. Anyway!

Nice. Very nice. Now: if we ever go this way, we oughta make a CLEAR structure - and let me stress out again CLEAR - of this scripted "step 2". Because the key of it, is what results of two analysis the bot runs in parallel: the analysis of the current "task" or "goal" and the analysis of the current perceptions in regard to it.

I've taken a deeper look in this (although short) goals.xml file and all I can see so far is that it fits lovely for a deathmatch environment. Now the question is: how and how easily will you introduce team play, team tactics and team goal completion in the middle of this stuff ?

I might have something to propose, but later, as I'm still working on it with RACC. Anyway, I'd still like to hear anybody who has the slightest beginning of a solution here.

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