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Default Re: UBotScript? - 04-06-2004

Hmm no.
Your goals.xml rather looks like what I call the "Think" function of a bot.

I see things like this:
For each frame, for each bot, the whole thinking cycle is a three-step phase:
Step 1: sense everything that's sensable during this very frame. Store in an array or in a linked list or whatever, ALL that the bot sees, ALL that the bot hears, and ALL that the bot touches, with ALL the detailed information about these perceptions. Don't think, don't act, SENSE. Only sense.

Step 2: think, relatively to 1) the bot's plan (goal, task, agenda, team intentions) and 2) these perceptions we sensed during step 1, in order to determine what the bot should DO during this frame. Eventually modify the goal, or the task, and DECIDE where to aim, how to move (this includes pathfinding) and what keys to press. BUT DON'T DO IT. Don't sense, don't act, just THINK.

Step 3: Action. Press the keys, move the crosshair, issue the chat commands, browse whatever menu, call the function to put the character in movement, use stuff, fire weapons, whatever. Don't sense, don't think, just ACT.

What I see scriptable is step 2, whereas step 1 and 3 would be pure C code. Step 1's role is to provide information (goal/task and current perceptions) to the "think" script, and step 3's is to take commands FROM the same script. In this sense, we have the top AI completely scriptable (and there's not much to do there, since you know like me that more than 50% of the AI code goes with the sensing/navigation part.)

But botman is right, if we don't trust people's hacking abilities and if we don't believe they may be able to write the bot AI themselves for their MOD, then better make the whole stuff in efficient C code.

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