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Originally Posted by Persephone View Post
I don't remember if I said your sandbot doesn't compatible with other bots.

Look at this screenshot. HPB_BOT, jk_botti, and Akimbot can join with Sandbot without any problems. At least only Parabot which caused my game couldn't be started. If only the Sandbot's bot_count problem had been solved, I can play Opposing Force with it instead of Parabot
Oh yeah I remember now.
I don't think there's an easy way to solve the bot quota problem and still have Sandbot work properly with other bots - it was a lot of work to get it to work properly the way it works now.

Originally Posted by RoboCop View Post
Also I do wonder if it is possible for SandBot to run with another bot like ShrikeBot and self-learn by coping and analysing how ShrikeBot interacts and on capping?

Reason I asked is I'm currently helping and testing RealBot that can self-learn and doesn't clash with POD Bot or even YaPB as RealBots need to "observe" and watch how either human players or POD Bots interact and maybe avoid having to figure out how to import ShrikeBot or SturmBot waypoints into SandBot, rather than wasting too many time and effort remaking the fresh waypoints for SandBot for DOD 1.3.

I mean let's face it we cannot waste our time on having more and more waypoints manually made as well that not many players play on DOD 1.3 or even Op4CTF a lot nowadays.
That's probably much longer term stuff - I'm not too familiar with machine learning techniques etc.
I am trying to get waypoint generation going - see (haven't had time to test it yet).
There is now bot code in the Half-Life SDK (the Counter-Strike bot code) but I haven't had a good look at how it works.

Originally Posted by Persephone View Post
I have an additional info for you. For some reason, when playing with 4 bots at the same time (including Sandbot too), it seems Sandbot's appearance has an unique effect for another bots.

Look at this screenshot. They are just regrouping for unknown reason without attacking each other at all. Furthermore, all bots who normally great in battle, now they are just roaming around carrying weapon without shooting at other players.
Yeah there are some odd cases where bots try and make unused player slots their enemy - I've fixed a bunch of those edge cases but I think they can still try and target spectators?
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