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Default Re: 1.1 and 2.0 Progress - 02-03-2014

Hi there .

I would humbly ask, for the 10th year anniversary of this awesome bot, how's going the development of the Grogbot 2.0?

More precisely the version for PVK2, which I'm still waiting to test . I suppose that there has been a lot of things to do back then, but seeing that back in 2008 there was some bots that did something in the map, I can't believe that all I managed to do back then and even now, is spawn some dummies present on the Source Engine.

So I humbly request, at least an info update about these bots, or those old beta files for them as I would really enjoy practicing with them or in co-op with other players.

I understand that some server hosters would try to add them to fake their numbers, but there are some clever things to combat that fake number (as forcing the number of bots on the server player number, not showing them on the player number at all, or forcing the [Bot] tag, etc).

Said all that, thanks for your time, and good luck in the future of PVK2!

Have fun, and see you in the game

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