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Default Re: Working on a game... - 02-01-2008


~21.3MB download (zip file - I'm under windows atm). There are some linux binaries in there (64bit only, sorry!), along with win32 stuff. Stock standard a,d,w,s, space & (left) ctrl for the "engine" movement, esc to quit. Feel free to give the editor a go - uh...mainly poke at it, I haven't written much on how to use it (and a lot of buttons don't do anything yet). If it looks like a mess, that's software in development for you!
As I said though - it really doesn't look like much more than a terrain renderer right now.
Please let me know of crashes & error messages - that's what I'm the most interested in right now! I'll put the source code up at some stage - should probably attach some lgpl or something to the top of the files first though (could take some time for me to get around to doing that...).

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