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Re: POD Bot mm V3 the latest released build
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Default Re: POD Bot mm V3 the latest released build - 02-01-2007

V3 Build 16f

Happy New Year to all.
Since few days there was available a beta V3 B16f. Because noone reported any serious bug in it - this version has got now the status "official release". Changelog:

+Bots should pickup also "worse" weapons (better/worse - according to the weapon's priorities in botweapons.cfg) if the current "better" weapon is out of bullets.
+Added support for pickuping ammo, nades, armor, medkit in item mode of CSDM (or on maps fy_xxx)
+Fixed bug with bots not being able to pickup even "better" secondary weapon.
+Changed - the entity player_weaponstrip will get as and as v.targetname the value "fake" only if is empty string.
+They should think a bit less before shooting (which should make them a bit harder again, I hope).
+Added the possibility to unlimit pickuping weapons by bots - pb_maxweaponpickup = -1
+Added the code if the bot cannot pickup something (for some reason) during 4 seconds - he will mark that entity as ignored (to stop task pickup item).

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