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POD Bot mm V3 the latest released build
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Default POD Bot mm V3 the latest released build - 19-09-2006

V3 Build 15c

OK - since R2B46d we didn't release officially any version, but they were some betas so it's time to release V3 as official (as R2B46d is no longer supported).

Here is the list of changes between R2B46d and V3B15c (some of changes are done by splorygon, some - by me):

+ Changed: all settings in podbot.cfg are cvars since now.
+ Changed: addbot is replace by add command (the syntax is the same)
+ Added: access to podbot menu when the game is created on dedicated server.
+ Changed: Bots detect friend/enemy according to the TeamInfo messages instead checking the model (it should work correctly with such mods as SuperHero, ChickenMod etc). Thanks to T(+)rget (AMX), Bailopan (AMX MOD X) and THE_STORM.
+ Added: support for compatibility with weapon restriction management done by fan mods (as AMX, AMX X, AdminMod, ClanMod) - if weapon is restricted for human-players - bots will not buy that item , too
+ FIXED: bug in auto add / kick bot function (when there were some players on the server before adding bots - first bot got kicked instantly after adding it).
+ Added - 2 new cvars requested by Austin - pb_bot_quota_match (matches humans on the server - number_of_bots = number_of_humans * pb_bot_quota_match) and pb_bot_join_team - forces bots to join a specyfic team regardless of the parameter in pb add or pb fillserver commands (arguments "T" or ", "CT" defualt "ANY" - doesn't force bots joining any specyfic team).
+ FIXED: Bots are spawned with cleared correctly every data (before they were cleared only at round start, but to support CSDM they have to be cleared at every respawn).
+ FIXED: Now bots don't throw nades in jason mode.
+ Changed: the task system - the tasks aren't still placed on the task's stack over and over again - instead this only one task of each kind may be placed on the tasks' stack (and priorities are tested by a separate function).
+ FIXED: Bots don't look at the wall all the time (if last enemy is far away - they forget it much more now - so they don't look at the wall in the last enemy direction.
+ Changed: Bots look around more often now.
+ FIXED: Bots don't spray anymore since spraying is disabled.
+ FIXED: Bots unzoom (while using weapon with zoom) if they don't look far away or they look at the wall near of them.
+ Changed: Bots should jump a bit less if they "think" they stuck.
+ FIXED: Bots should hear everything around good again.
+ FIXED: Crash with server commands (thanks to KRoT@L - AMX).
+ Changed: the work of add bot and kick bot menu (after adding one or kicking one You can still continue adding / kicking bots without necessity to re-open the main podbot menu).
+ Changed: After blinding bots don't shoot everytime at last enemy position (it's randomized now).
+ Changed: the usage of nades by bots - bots are trying to throw flashbangs into corridors; whole nades should be thrown more precise now.
+ Changed: Better team playing (they use "follow me" function and they follow all condition included in path they walk (according to flags in waypoints they pass - for example jumps).
+ Changed: Bots don't buy primary weapons on aim_xxx, awp_xxx maps.
+ Changed: the skills of bots are now much different - there is realy apparent difference between bot with skill (100) and bot (80).
+ Changed a bit the usage of statistic/experience (to better usage by A* function).
+ FIXED: bots don't reply on chats.
+ FIXED crash on de_chateau (related to breakables)
+ NEW pb command "pb_version" will return the current version - can be used on servers with HTML - to see how many servers is playing podbot mm.
+ Bots are a bit harder...
+ FIXED jason mode
+ Lift code rewritten - watch 2 new demos in filebase.
+ Added autokill function (cvars pb_autokill 1|0 and pb_autokilldelay time_sec) - it will kill bots (if pb_autokill is set to 1) automatically if there are some human players on the server, but all of them got already killed. But if the bomb is planted and there is no more alive human-players - the auto kill doesn't kill bots in this situation.
+ Optimized code to have lower CPU usage.
+ FIXED - bots shouldn't steal anymore Your hostages You are trying to rescue (after pressing "use" button).
+ Bots don't try to go to the rescue point if they don't have already a hostage (hostage got killed or some human-player stoled it).
+ Added - bots wait until the hostages they follow it are rescued (they reach the rescue point) - it means if You place in a wrong place a WP with Rescue flag (not in the Rescue Zone) - the bot will wait there forever - because they will be never rescued (thanks to Ancient showing the bug).
+ FIXED burst mode in low distances to enemies.
+ FIXED the problem with weapon_strip (thanks to strelomet).
+ Changed and improved nades throwing - bots should aim better the position they want to throw the nade (the old calculation of the place the bot should look at during nade throwing was a bit strange).
+ Added - to unstuck code "go back" function has been added (to existing jump, strafe, duck).
+ Changed unstuck behavior - improved strafe and go back method in unstuck code. They should try to omit/obey the obstacle (or a bit go back and try again) instead jumping only.
+ Changed the code for players colision detection (they should less jump now and more often use strafe and go back).
+ FIXED - bots don't throw nades now in "ignore enemies" mode.
+ Added 2 new commands (exactly old command with new arguments) for waypointers:
pb wp teleport use - teleports the waypointer to the next waypoint with the flag USE_BUTTON
pb wp teleport camp - teleports the waypointer to the next waypoint with the flag CAMP
These commands are usefull if You are trying to fix old PB2.5 waypoint with old method of camp usage (with pb mm the old camp waypoint is causing to look the bot in some strange direction) and also with USE_BUTTON (old PB2.5 was placing that flag on every WP existing near some func_button - it may cause sometimes stupid behavior of pb mm bots if they have nothing to "use", but there is placed that flag).
The old "pb wp teleport wp_nr" is still working like before.
+ FIXED pb_debuggoal - it should work now everytime (before I noticed few situations they didn't want to go to the WP I was requesting them to go).
+ Changed the execution of the task FOLLOW_USER - bots should follow the user this way - they should take some random WP near their user (but connected to the closest one to the user). If they are somewhere near their user, they should look at him (except if there is some enemy nearby) and they should better unstuck if they are close to them-selves (to make a room to go).
+ Changed - if the bot cannot reach its waypoint in some certain time it should've reach it (or bot was doing some unwaypointed movement), during finding the WP near by it checks also the previous WPs and the current WP (for some reason before it wasn't so) and it checks if the new WP isn't in some danger (to fall down) area.
+ Smarter Button flag/Door Button code.
+ Changed Button code - if there is a USE_BUTTON flag - they randomly decide to push or not the button (after first time noticing the WP with that flag; next vistit this WP -> new decision about pushing).
+ FIXED button code - bots shouldn't stay anymore near some button and look infinitely at it.
+ Changed - bots will hunt enemies more often now - normal and agressive ones - if there is the number of alive players in one team more or equal than (2 * alive players) of the other team - they will try to hunt them (for example 2CT alive and 4T alive (or more) - these normal and agressive T bots will start to hunt CTs ) - of course it depands of the current level of bots fear/agression.
+ All config commands are possible to change during the game from console
by typing "pb command_name [arguments]"
+ All config commands need everywhere the prefix "pb" (on listenserver, on DS and in podbot cfg).
+ Made the bot's turning more realistic (thanks to Pierre-Marie Baty and Aspirin for botaim and botaim2 plugins).
+ Made them buy grenades more (thanks to bluebyte)
+ Bots will now shoot through teammates if mp_friendlyfire is off.
+ Improved bots shooting breakables.
+ FIXED bots not taking out the bomb and trying to plant.

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