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rtcw_depot2 waypoints
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Default rtcw_depot2 waypoints - 10-02-2012

The rtcw_depot2 waypoints for fritzbot can be found here:

It took me sometime to do the map as it's quite large although testing proved to be more difficult. I've setup actions for the both teams to try and defend the main objectives as much as possible, using triggers and switching spawns on dynamite events so the defending team gets a better chance to diffuse.

Tom did provide valuable input and testing on the map something I really appreciated and helped me to avoid deadlocks with engineers unable to diffuse dynamites. I also had to make the command posts a major construct action to force the engineers to build them as the dynamite actions have priority.

The map reminds me the late 90s and the time of RTCW playing on a server with 64 players. It's still a great map converted by 2bits for ET.

If you see any problems playing the map just post them here.
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